I’m Tom Parkin, owner of Impact Strategies, a business under development.

I’m a frequent columnist and media commentator who has had hundreds of opinion pieces published in major print media including The Toronto Star, numerous Post Media papers, iPolitics, Macleans, Canadian Dimension, The Tyee and others. I’ve provided analysis and opinion in hundreds of appearances on CBC, CTV/Bellmedia and Corus/Global television networks and radio stations.

Through this experience, I’m in touch with editors and producers and know what they want to do their job — access to quality guests who write or speak succinctly, powerfully and clearly about topics that matter to media audience.

Too many great reports don’t get the audience they deserve. Too many experts are left out of our media conversations. I want to correct that.

With Impact Strategies I want my clients to make even stronger media impact. In addition to a client’s usual media work with reporters, Impact Strategies will prepare clients and promote them to a wide range of editors and producers across a region or across Canada. The goal is to get client spokespersons on the comment pages and TV and radio shows.

In spring 2022, Impact Strategies is working with a few early clients on proof of concept projects that will measure impact and refine my services offerings before a full launch.

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