The goal of Impact Strategies is to supplement clients’ usual media outreach with pitches to comment page editors and TV and radio show producers in a selected region or across Canada.

Across Canada, there are scores of news-talk and current events radio shows, dozens of newsmedia comment pages, several 24/7 cable news networks and many good quality podcasts and online hosts. Full media impact means contacting the editors and producers of these pages and shows and pitching them for topics appearances.

Impact Strategies is currently working on early projects to develop wider relationships and test the services it will provide after a full launch. It’s focused on building two-way processes.

When clients want to make impact with their issue or report, Impact Strategies will run outbound campaigns:

  • research and write or edit your report or its executive summary
  • develop key report messages and talk track
  • ghostwrite opinion pieces and reach newspaper or trade magazine comment editors for placement
  • prepare spokespeople for media interviews or panels
  • reach TV and radio show producers to book spokesperson
  • provide a media monitoring report.

And when the news is incoming, Impact Strategies will help clients get into the conversation:

  • monitor media for breaking news in areas of client expertise and concern
  • quickly develop key messages and talk track to respond to breaking news
  • reach TV and radio show producers for bookings and comment editors for opinion placement
  • provide a media monitoring report.

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